Graham Nash

Over The Years- Graham Nash

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30-Song Collection Spotlights Nash’s Best-Known Songs From The Past  50 Years And Includes More Than A Dozen Unreleased Demos And Mixes 

Available On CD, Vinyl, And Digital From Rhino

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I had the honor and privilege of putting together this set of tracks for Graham with his long time friend and partner in crime, Joel Bernstein. I served as the project's engineer, compiling, assembling and pre-mastering the 2 CD/ double LP collection.  

Some of the highlights on this one were cleaning up the original demos of "Our House" and "Marrakesh Express", and mixing the demos for "Wasted On On The Way" and "Wind On The Water".  Our collective archival minds also helped to unearth an unreleased mix of "I Used To Be A King" featuring Jerry Garcia's original pedal steel track, recorded at Wally Heider's in San Francisco.  A superb mastering job by Chris Bellman at Bernie Grundman Mastering brought the  project to the finish line.

Learn more about Over The Years on the Graham Nash website.