Interviews, Interviews, Interviews

There is a lot to be said for the old adage "Variety Is The Spice Of Life" and it's something that personally I crave.  At any given time I can be working simultaneously on a music project, an indie film, a documentary, or a marketing piece...but one thing that seems to remain constant are the weekly corporate video shoots...interviews, testimonials...or as many call them...talking head videos. 

Hands On Sound gets the call from national agencies and production firms to provide solid and reliable audio recording/ mixing on their shoots.  Apart from quality work, what separates Hands On Sound from other service providers is the delivery of cleaned up, named, organized and Post-Ready files for all clients.  This means that noisy corporate environments with intrusive background sounds,  HVAC hum & noise and other less than desirable distractions during the interview shoot are removed before file delivery...making the Editor's job so much easier than what they get from most Sound Mixers.

Here are a couple of recent jobs that both had a great deal of audio issues with location specific noise during the tapings.  While irritating in the moment for the production crew, I knew that the eventual piece that would go out to the world would have clean sound...and Post-Ready files delivered by the next day.