Sound For A Film Noir

Post Production is now wrapped on the detective short Ghost Dick, a film noir piece shot in San Francisco on a vintage Fisher Price PXL2000 camera. This somewhat toy video camera came out in the late 1980’s and originally recorded picture to an audio cassette tape. in later years, avant garde and experimental filmmakers modified the camera to record to a digital format, making very pixelated and stylized works and continues to be used today.

Watch Ghost Dick:

For Ghost Dick we didn’t record production sound of any type except for some field recordings i made on site to capture location correct ambiences and backgrounds. Once editing was completed, we brought the show’s actors in for ADR sessions at Hands on Sound and then I went at it to fill in all the other sounds needed…doing foley and mining the sound library my collection of field recordings. The director, Noah Weisel, composed the soundtrack and played trumpet and drums. I added bass guitar and later put together the credit roll music, with was based on the film’s main theme.

Submissions to film festivals are just beginning and Ghost Dick has already been accepted in the Los Angeles PXL THIS Toy Camera Festival in November.

The 29th annual toy camera film festival features Pixelvision films made with the Fisher-Price PXL-2000 camcorder. PXL THIS, one of the oldest film festivals in LA, celebrates visionary moving image artists from seminal experimental filmmakers to 10-years-olds to homeless to professionals. This year includes entries from across the US.