Google and Disney


Recently we worked on a 3 day shoot at Google's Mt View, CA headquarters on an internal corporate video that was screened at Google Engage in Anaheim.  The job had a fantastic crew, led by Director Todd Womack, and gave us the opportunity to create with some great actors who played the roles of Disney characters interacting with key Google employees.

As is often the case with corporate shoots, office complexes offer many sonic challenges to overcome such as HVAC systems, hum & RF interference, general worker walla and less than desirable recording spaces.

Challenges, but not anything that Hands on Sound couldn't clean up after bringing the recordings back to the studio.  Over time, we have developed some sets of plug-in chains that address hiss, fans, hum, wind and other undesired audio that can be distracting and take away from clean dialog.  A real client pleaser, for sure.

One fun perk on this gig was having Toy Story's very own Sheriff Woody visit our studio for a voice over session in the "Cone Of Silence".  One thing you can count on from Woody is very consistent vocal delivery and a Howdy Partner attitude.