CyberWar Games at Symantec

Hands on Sound recently got the call to provide location sound recording services  for the Symantec 2017 CyberWar Games event at their Mountain View campus.  There, for 3 days, ten teams of Symantec employees from around the world competed in the world's largest civilian cyberwar game.  These elite teams earned the right to compete in the finals by besting more than 1,500 other Symantec employees from 33 countries.

This year's games focused on the global supply chain and in particular agricultural technology security,  The teams had to perform a series of cybercrime and hacking challenges to earn points and move up the Leader Board. More details on the games can be found here

Working under the direction of Fade To Black Pictures, we documented the 3 day event, capturing content for internal and social/ web video pieces.  Below is one of these, produced and edited by FTB's Tommy Jordan.