Post Sound Mixing- Locally & Globally


July and August finds 3 indie short films in post here at Hands on Sound and I'm having a blast with this group. The modern world is so great in as much as it allows productions to work remotely yet collaboratively.  Projects get uploaded to me, work gets done, mixes go back up for review and notes...and we then make it to the finish line together.  It's a nice workflow.

I'v teamed up again with director and filmmaker Noah Weisel on his film noir piece Ghost Dick.  For this one Noah is shooting on the Fisher Price PXL2000 camera for a unique B&W look and all sound is being done in post here at Hands on Sound...ADR, SFX music etc.  With San Francisco as the backdrop to this detective story, this short harkens back to the classic era of film noir.

Following up on the production sound I did a while back for Travis White and his short Game Time, the film has gone to final cut and is back with me for mixing and sound design.  It's always a pleasure to cut dialogue that I recorded since I'm familiar with the source material and know it was captured well.  IMDB tells us that Game Time is "A film about nerds and the jocks that harass them, with a sci-fi/fantasy twist" and I can verify that is true.

On the schedule for today is a mix on the French film Zero One.  This one is a 17 minute tale that examines life and death on a somewhat philosophical level.  Zero One was shot in Paris and is presented simultaneously in both English and French, with subtitles. This is my first time working with producer/ directors Kirsten Russell and Frédérique Nahman and they are a joy.   Some of the audio fun for me has been sourcing SFX and backgrounds that are Paris and France specific...and keeping it real.  With this being filmed in Paris, edited in New York and mixed in California, the project is a true testament of global creative partnerships..