Location Sound-Revelation (Dreamer Pictures)

Sound Mix- Call Of The Valley: The Enduring Lure Of Sonoma (documentary)

Sound Mix/Sound Design- Ghost Dick (North Coast Productions)

Location Sound/Sound Mix-Neris (SF State indie film)

Sound Mix-False Flaggin’ (SF State indie film)

Sound Mix-Tiebreraker (SF State indie film)

Location Sound, Sound Mix, Sound Design-Brink (indie film)

Sound Mix/ Sound Design-Walled (documentary)

Sound Mix/ Sound Design-All Night (indie film)

Sound Mix/ Sound Design- ZeroOne (indie film)

Location Sound-FOG Rally 2018 (Ferrari Owners Group)

Location Sound- Egyptian Holiday (documentary, Kindness Films)

Location Sound, Sound Mix, Sound Design- Sign Of The Whale (North Coast Productions)

Location Sound-The Killers (Dreamer Pictures)

Location Sound- The Rose Lady (documentary)

Location Sound, Sound Mix- Game Time (indie short)

Location Sound, Sound Editor, Project Coordinator- Lincvolt (Shakey Pictures/ Neil Young)

Location Sound , Recording Engineer, SFX Recordist, - greendale (Shakey Pictures/ Neil Young)

Producer (Blu-ray & DVD), Project Coordinator, Audio Restoration, Sound Design- Human Highway~Director’s Cut (Shakey Pictures/ Neil Young)

Producer (Blu-ray & DVD), Project Coordinator, Audio Restoration- Rust Never Sleeps~Remaster  (Shakey Pictures/ Neil Young)

Producer (DVD)- Weld (Shakey Pictures/ Neil Young)

Producer (DVD)- Muddy Track (Shakey Pictures/ Neil Young)

Producer (DVD)- Solo Trans (Shakey Pictures/ Neil Young)

Production Coordinator (Blu-ray & DVD)- CSNY/ Déjà vu (Shakey Pictures/ Neil Young)

Associate Producer (Blu-ray & DVD)- Journey Thru The Past (Shakey Pictures/ Neil Young)

Sound Mix- The Colossus Of Destiny  (Melvins documentary)

Sound Mix/Editor, Sound Design- Captives (Herald Films)

Sound Mix- Following Phil (Herald Fims)


TV/ Web/ Commercials

Location Sound- MLS (San Jose Earthquakes California Clasico 2019)

Location Sound- CBS: Henry Ford's Innovation Nation

Location Sound- Comcast: Girls In Tech Catalyst Conference

Location Sound- DAZN (Bellator MMA interviews)

Sound Mix/ Editor- Silicon Valley Auto Show:  2016-2019 (TV & Radio Spots)

Location Sound- FoxNews Channel

Location Sound- CMT (Pickler & Ben)

Location Sound-Declining Birds (ARTE documentary)

Location Sound- NBA onTNT: Paint the Park with Kevin Garnett

Location Sound- PBS: Untitled Documentary 2018

Location Sound- Comcast NBC Universal  Aerial Sports League

Sound Mix- REI: Andy Documentary

Location Sound/ Sound Mix- Street Fighter Tribute

Location Sound- Capital One  NCAA Final Four Spots

Location Sound- CBS/The CW  (Hidden Heroes)

Location Sound- Nat Geo Channel  (Zero Gravity)

Location Sound- Al Roker Entertainment

Location Sound- NBC Today/

Location Sound- KTVU:  Fox News Anchors promo spots

Location Sound, Sound Design/ Mixer- NHL San Jose Sharks “A Tremendous Sharks Holiday”

Location Sound- Addiction Warriors (documentary)

Producer- PBS: The Bridge School Story

Location Sound- Forza Motorsport  NASCAR and NHRA marketing videos

Location Sound- Ariana Huffington/ Uber: marketing video

Location Sound-

Location Sound- W20 Group

Location Sound- Cleveland Hustles event (CNBC)

Location Sound- MissionU/ Lyft: marketing video

Location Sound, Sound Editor- San Jose Sharks (2013-17 TV ads)

Location Sound, Sound Editor- San Jose Sharks (2013-2016 radio ads)

Sound Editor, Sound Design- San Jose Sharks “Behind The Videos”

Location Sound, Sound Design/Edit/ Mixer- San Jose Sharks “Holiday Sweater”

Sound Mix- San Jose Barracuda: TV & Radio promotional spots

Location Sound- Super Bowl 50: GE & ESPN SB50 Snapchat promo spots

Location Sound- Super Bowl 50: Football Hall Of Fame Inductees documentary

Location Sound- Super Bowl 50: SB50 PSA series

Location Sound- True Sight documentary (Valve)

Location Sound- Spoiled To Perfection: web food series S1 E5

Narration Recorder, Sound Editor- PBS Newshour (GlobeTV segments 2014-16)

Location Sound, Narration Recorder, Sound Editor- San Francisco Flower & Garden Show 2015: TV & Radio spots

Sound Design, Sound Mix/ Editor- Good Eggs: marketing/ video ads



Location Sound- Oracle (marketing & internal videos)

Location Sound- Amazon (marketing videos)

Location Sound- AWS (marketing videos)

Location Sound- Veritas (marketing & internal videos)

Location Sound- Polycom (marketing videos)

Location Sound- Plantronics (marketing videos)

Location Sound- eBay (internal video series)

Location Sound- Facebook (internal videos)

Location Sound- Google (internal conference videos)

Location Sound- Atlassian (recruitment videos)

Location Sound- Duarte (e-course series)

Location Sound- Intuitive Surgical (conference videos)

Location Sound- OpenText (conference videos)

Location Sound- Roche/ Genentech (internal videos)

Location Sound- Brocade (marketing videos)

Location Sound- OnePlus 6 (product launch event)

Location Sound- hims (marketing videos)

Location Sound- Cytrix (internal and marketing videos)

Location Sound- Apex Analytix- (Elite Conference )

Location Sound- Fair Trade USA (marketing videos)

Location Sound- Symantec (Cyber War Games)

Location Sound- Xoom/PayPal (marketing videos)

Location Sound- Netgear (live webcast & marketing videos)

Location Sound, Sound Editor/ Mixer, Sound Design- California’s Great America (marketing videos)

Location Sound, Sound Editor/ Mixer, Sound Design- Egnyte (marketing videos)

Location Sound- Applied Weather Technology (marketing videos)

Location Sound, Narration Recording, Sound Editor/ Mixer- DGDG (marketing videos)

Narration Recording, Sound Editor/ Mixer- CallidusCloud (marketing videos)

Location Sound, Sound Design/Edit/ Mixer- Sharks Ice (marketing videos)



Acetate Transfer Engineer- Bob Dylan: More Blood, More Tracks: The Bootleg Series Vol. 14 (2018)

Pre-mastering Engineer, Mix Engineer- Graham Nash: Through The Years (2018)

Producer, Project Coordinator, Archivist- Neil Young Archives Volume 2 (2009-2014)

Producer, Project Coordinator- Neil Young Archives Special Release Series (2009-2014)

Producer, Project Coordinator- Neil Young Archives Original Release Series (2009-2014)

Producer, Project Coordinator, Recording Engineer- The Bridge School Concerts 25th Anniversary Edition (CD & DVD)

Producer (DVD), Location Sound (Documentary), Photographer- Neil Young: A Letter Home

Producer (Blu-ray), Music Video Editor- Neil Young: Psychedelic Pill

Producer (Blu-ray), Music Video Editor- Neil Young: Americana

Producer (DVD) - Neil Young: Le Noise

Producer (Blu-ray) - Neil Young: A Treasure

Associate Producer, Production Coordinator, Sound Design, Audio Production- Neil Young Archives Volume 1 Box Set (Blu-ray, DVD, CD)

Associate Producer (DVD), Sound Design, Video Editor - Neil Young: Fork In The Road

Associate Producer, Sound Design, Photographer (DVD), Room Sound & Production (album)- Neil Young: Chrome Dreams II

Associate Producer, Sound Design (Blu-Ray & DVD)- Crazy Horse Live At The Fillmore 1970

Associate Producer, Sound Design (Blu-Ray & DVD)-  Neil Young: Massey Hall 1970

Production Coordinator (DVD)- Neil Young Sugar Mountain Live At Canterbury House 1968

Associate Producer, Sound Design (DVD), Digital Soundbites (album)- Neil Young: Living With War

Associate Producer, Sound Design, Photographer (DVD)- Neil Young: Prairie Wind

Recording Engineer, SFX Recordist- Neil Young: greendale

Recording Engineer (DVD)- Neil Young: Live At Vicar Street

Recording Engineer- Bridge School Benefit Concert Series 1998-2009

Producer- Bridge School Benefit Concert Webcast 2011-2013

Co-Producer/Recording Engineer- Gary Gates Band: Heart River

Co-Producer- Gary Gates With The Cashmere Bums

Co-Producer/Mix Engineer- Gates Gates Band Live At Maritime Hall 1996

Recording/Mix Engineer- Kevin Johnson: Symbolism And Ceremony 2001

Recording/Mix/Mastering Engineer- Bean Hollow Blues And Bayou Fete 2001

Recording/Mix Engineer- La Honda Country Fair And Music Festival 1998

Mastering: Don’t Ask/ Flower Zombies LP 2019

Mastering: Stranger Than Fact: Waves And Currents 2019

Mastering- 2 Lazy Boys: The Recline Of Western Civilization 2019

Mastering- Kingfinger: Kingfinger 2018

Mastering- Watersaw: The Sunset Sessions 2017

Mastering- The Treacherous French: Snapshots 2017

Mastering- Stranger Than Fact: Magnetic 2016

Mastering- Cave Babe: Backhanded Compliments 2015

Mastering- Ice Cream: Set 2014

Mastering- Third Bowl: At Your Door 2014

Mastering- Two Star Spark: Fences 2009

Mastering- Lisa Kelly: Into The Fire 2005

Mastering- Jack Mullins: Tales Of Reality 2005

Mastering- Emilio Crixell: One Roadhouse Away 2005

Mastering- Guitar Woody & the Boilers: Ain't it Always Somethin'  2004


Audio Lead/ Coordinator, Sound Editor, Location Sound, Product Tester- Pono Music  (2009-2014)

Field Recording, Audio Editor, Sound Designer, Product Tester- Lionel Model Trains (1998-2007)

Product Development, Product Testing- Lily Robotics (2016)