Stranger Than Fact- Mastering the album "Magnetic"

While I enjoy all aspects of music production, one of the most rewarding parts of the process is album mastering.  This final step before a project gets released to the world adds the final layers of detail to help a collection of recordings play as a cohesive program to the listening audience.

One such job that recently came to me was from the artist Xaina and her Stranger Than Fact music project.  Their new album, Magnetic, had just wrapped up mixing and was ready for mastering. I was tasked with helping get the album finished in time for their Northwestern US tour.

This record was recorded at Tiny Telephone by Samantha Perez and then mixed at Survivor Sound by Jonah Strauss.  My job as mastering engineer was made a lot easier by the fine work they did.  Big kudos to all involved.

You can learn more about these fine folks here:    

Tiny Telephone:    


Jonah Strauss & Survivor Sound:

Here are a couple tracks off Magnetic that I particularly like: