Standard Production Sound/ Location Gear

Recorders/ Mixers:  Sound Devices MixPre10T (8 tracks), Sound Devices 744T w/302 (4 tracks), Sony D50 portable field recorder (2 tracks).

Wireless Microphone Sets: Lectrosonics (4 sets), Sennheiser G3 (4 sets). Sennheiser SKP 100 G3(x1).

Lavalier Microphones: Sanken COS-11D (x4), DPA 4060 (x2), Countryman B6 (x2), Countryman B3 (x2), Tram/Lectro/Oscar Sound Tech/Senn (x4).

Shotgun Microphones/ Boom Sets: Sanken CS-2, Rode NTG-3 with boom poles, blimps, C Stand, clamps, mounts etc.

Timecode: MicroFrame TC Sync Master, Denecke SB-3 Syncbox.

Comtek IFB: Listen Technologies LT-700 with LR-400 receivers (x4) & headphones.

Plant/ Specialty Microphones: Crown PZM-6LPB (x4), Sanken CUB-01 (x1), Crown SASS-P stereo, ElectroVoice RE50B & many studio microphones.

Binaural Microphone Sets: Soundman OKMII, Sennheiser Ambeo, Primo EM172.

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Studio & Post

The Hands On Sound edit/mix studio is a Mac based room equipped with Pro Tools 12, Pro Logic X, and Adobe Audition software for audio work. Izotope, Native Instruments, Waves and many other plugin tool sets. We have Metric Halo and Apogee DACs and listen on Tannoy speaker systems. Transfers and playback of 1/4" analog, DAT, Cassette, ADAT and even F1 Betacam tapes.  

Standard services include all flavors of sound editing, mixing, mastering. We specialize in repairing and improving problematic production sound and archival recordings. Voice-over, narration, music composition and sound design all available to our clients.